Our Reading Struggles

In our lessons, Danger Girl excels in many subjects. Math, for the most part, is one of her best subjects. You can sit her down and explain the concept, then leave her to work on her own for the most part. Science is another subject she does well in; particularly when it comes to observing animals or insects. She loves for me to read to her about the behaviors of different animals, and will get very involved, wanting to do further study.

This is all great, but when it comes to reading we have struggled. Until just recently Danger Girl has had no desire to read on her own. She would give up before even trying, insiting that reading was too hard. Even after a couple of successes in reading she would still complain that she couldn’t do it.

Well, with a little help from a friend of mine, I think we finally have her interest in reading piqued. My friend has worked with her a little one on one, and has introduced her to some stories she is interested in. In the last month or so, Danger Girl has begun to pick up books to read all on her own. She has actually started to try and make out new words, and discuss what she is reading. Of course, the reading is slow right now, but it IS happening.

It is amazing to see these types of transformations. As a lover of books myself, I am hoping that she will end up with a love of reading. At least now we are on the right track.

( It would be interesting to hear from others who have had struggling learners in this department. What ended up working for you?)


What are your thoughts?

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