Homeschool Sites I Find Helpful

There are many homeschool sites out there with advice or useful materials. This is a list of the ones I have found most helpful.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day– This is a site that has a new freebie every weekday. Sometimes you can find links to helpful websites, other times they will post books for download. Many of the books on my Ibooks came from this site.

Simpy Charlotte Mason– This site, as is evident by the name, is devoted to the Charlotte Mason approach. I have purchased some of our curriculum here, but there is plenty of free materials as well. One of the free items to be found is a curriculum guide that can help you plan your curriculum for the year. There are also a couple of free e-books available for download to learn more about homeschooling and in particular how to teach using the Charlotte Mason approach.

Ambleside Online– I don’t use this site often, but there are some great reading lists. You can also find the original Charlotte Mason series on this site to be read for free. This is great if you don’t want or can’t buy the series in book form.

Starfall– This is a great site for beginner readers. There are books that have fun animation as well as games. My daughter loves to play on this site.

Old-Fashioned Education– This is another great site with some freebies for those trying to plan curriculum.

Old Schoolhouse Magazine– The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has gone digital now. This magazine is a great resource for information. They also have a blog with reviews of different curriculum. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine also has tons of other curriculum to purchase in their store as well as an online expo.

Rainbow Resource– This company is a wealth of curriculum to purchase. They can provide almost anything you are looking for and at great prices. You can order online, or you can request one of their huge catalogs for free.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of what’s available, but I have found all of these sites helpful and hope they can be helpful to others as well.


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