Nearing the End of the School Year

We are almost finished with our first grade school year, and I am already looking at curriculum for next year. Things have gone fairly well for us, but I do believe we will make a couple of changes for 2nd grade. Danger Girl is doing well in math, science and history, but reading is still a little bit of a concern. She can read okay, but her reading is still choppy and she tends to add letters to words that aren’t there, so we may have to look at a new phonics curriculum to review what she has learned.

We are both very excited about being so close to our summer break, so now it is important for me to keep her focused for these last couple of weeks. (it is also important to keep me focused). I wonder how other parents do this. Do you become more relaxed towards the end? Do you keep trudging along the way you’ve been doing?

I know next year I plan on including game days and more field trips, so we don’t get too stir crazy through the year. I also plan to be better at nature studies and journaling. For now though, we will get through our next couple of weeks, and I will try to keep away from too much planning for next year until we are done. I hope everyone else is having productive times in their last days or weeks of school.


What are your thoughts?

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