Intro to “Cobwebs in Her Mind”

"Cobwebs in Her Mind" is the book I am currently working on. It is the story of a woman who has to overcome her past (the cobwebs) to move on with her life after being attacked. I am finally going to be brave, and share some of my story here on my blog. This is … Continue reading Intro to “Cobwebs in Her Mind”


The Standards of the World

Be forewarned- ranting is involved here. I rant because I am tired of non-believers rebuking Christians. Or, more to the point, I am tired of Christians allowing non-believers to rebuke them. Indulge me, and let me start out with a personal story. A while back I found that someone was publicly complaining about coming to … Continue reading The Standards of the World

It’s Okay to Have an Opinion, as Long as it’s the Right One

I have seen several articles recently about Chik-fil-a. People I know are posting about how awful they are on Facebook. I have heard the president called a bigot (that’s the nicest name I’ve heard) in several instances. Why? Because he openly stated the company supports the biblical family unit. This is a Christian owned company … Continue reading It’s Okay to Have an Opinion, as Long as it’s the Right One