Reasons I’m Excited About the Upcoming School Year

After reading a post from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, I wanted to share the reasons I am excited about the upcoming school year. We still have another month to go before we start, but as I am in planning mode I am already motivated to start.

So, here goes my list:

1) After our first official year, I feel more sure of myself. I am even planning to do some subjects without the help of a pre-made curriculum.

2) I love the excuse to read. I have found tons of great free books for kindle and from the Ibookstore.

3) Going along with number 2, I also love an excuse to buy books when I can’t find them for free.

4) I am planning a lot more field trips this year than I did last year. I am looking forward to sharing these times with Danger Girl.

5) I love the fact that I learn new things as I teach my daughter. There are so many things I didn’t learn in school through textbooks that I get to learn as we explore and read “living” books together.

6) I have some great new ideas for teaching math this year. We learned that Danger Girl does not do well with worksheets, so I have found books that incorporate math concepts into the story. I also have done research and found plenty of games to go along with new concepts. I will still use some worksheets, but those will no longer be my main source of math learning.

7) I found some great free resources as I did research this summer break (I will post about these resources soon), and I am excited about being able to spend less money while still getting some great curriculum.

8) We will be learning about birds and insects this year, which Danger Girl is very excited about. I love when she gets excited about learning.

9) This summer we have been working on reading, and Danger Girl is finally feeling more comfortable with reading on her own. I have caught her several times going through a book to get comfortable enough to read to Daddy when he gets home. Since reading has been a difficulty for us, I am happy to see her more excited about it.

10) I plan to be more relaxed with our schooling this year. Last year I worried too much about if I was doing something wrong and it made a stressful environemt for both of us on some occasions. This year I want to make school more fun so my child will continue with a love of learning.


I hope my reasons for excitement can be an encouragement to someone else. Why are you excited for the upcoming year?


What are your thoughts?

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