Great Resources for Home School Freebies and Frugal Ideas

I love to plan and organize. I love making lists and setting up schedules. My husband thinks it’s a disease, but I think it helps keep my thoughts in order.

Part of the planning process for me includes doing research, and that is the part of planning I have been taking part in so far this summer. I use the Charlotte Mason approach for the most part in our school, so I have been looking for resources that I can use that follow this approach.

So far this summer I have stumbled upon several great websites that offer free or frugal resources for the home school parent that does not want to go broke to teach their children. Since I have come across so much information, I am going to break these up. Today I want to share with you some of the websites that offer general resources. You can find curriculum for any method on these websites, not just Charlotte Mason. So here goes.

Free Homeschool Deals

This website offers new deals every day. You can find great free books to add to your kindle device or kindle for pc. You can also find free worksheets or notebooking downloads often. I have come across a ton of stuff just in the last month that I have been subscribed to this website. If you subscribe to this website you can also get a free ebook with help on how to homeschool frugally.

Freely Educate

This website offers freebies and links to other freebie websites. You can also find product reviews.

Gricefully Homeschooling

This site has great articles on different home school methods. Every friday offers homeschool freebees

where you can find downloads that correspond to a particular theme. This is also hosted by

Kathys Cluttered Mind

This site includes links to freebies as well as articles about frugal homeschooling.

These are some of the great websites I subscribe to. I am sure there are a ton more out there that I haven’t even found. If you can think of something to add, please feel free to leave it in the comments. I will add a list of more great resources soon. In fact tomorrow I will list my favorite websites for notebooking resources.


What are your thoughts?

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