Notebooking Resources

I have done very little notebooking so far, but am planning to use this tool more in our upcoming year. Below are some websites I have found with resources for those interested in incorporating notebooking as part of their homeschooling toolbelt.

Notebooking Fairy

This site has lots of how to articles and notebooking examples, as well as some downloads. This site is run by Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage where she blogs about teaching using the Charlotte Mason method. As I am just getting started with notebooking, I have found this site very helpful. She also has a notebooking book for sale on the site which I am planning to purchase soon myself.


Notebooking Pages

This is a membership site, but it has tons of notebooking pages for download. You can sign up for a free membership (which is what I am doing now), or you can purchase a treasury membership. With the free membership you have access to some free downloads, and can purchase others. With the treasury membership you have access to download any of the notebooking pages. There are also great how-to articles and videos on this site.


Notebooking Nook

This is another site that offers advice on notebooking as well as some freebies for download.


I am sure there are plenty more resources out there, but these are the ones I have frequented. If you have any others you think I should add, let me know.


What are your thoughts?

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