Curriculum Freebies

As I begin to feel more secure in my teaching abilities, I am slowly moving towards making my own lesson plans, but outside resources are always helpful. Today I am sharing resources with you that offer free, or very cheap, curriculum.

Have Fun Teaching

This site offers free worksheets for different subjects and grade levels. You can also find coloring pages, flashcards, helpful songs for teaching, etc.

Garden of Praise

There are plenty of resources on this site. You will just have to check it out for yourself to see everything because there is just too much to list.

All in One Homeschool

This is a blog that follows the curriculum that one family is using in their school. It is incomplete at this time because the curriculum is added as she teaches each grade level, so for now you can mainly find early elementary. This is great if you want a curriculum to follow along with.

Free Homeschooling 101

You can find almost anything you are looking for here. There are links to curriculum, worksheets, assesment tests, etc. I would definitely recommend bookmarking this site.

Donna Young

This is another great site for freebie downloads, including homeschool planners.


As always, I hope this information can prove helpful to someone, particularly if you are a homeschool newbie looking to be frugal. If you have a great resource you think I should add to the list, let me know.


What are your thoughts?

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