These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

There is tons of homeschool curriculum out there these days. Sometimes it can become overwhelming, makinng it hard to choose the right fit for your family. Luckily so far I have not made too many purchases that went unused, but there are some. It helps to see what other homeschool parents are using and why. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of my favorites from our 1st grade year.

I want to start with science because in many ways this can be one of the hardr choices. I first tried a curriculum that was very “dumbed down” in my opinion. I also found that a lot of what was offered was geared more towards middle school and high school age children. I finally came across 106 Days of Creation, which is offered by Simply Charlotte Mason. This curriculum is meant for grades 1-3. You do have to buy other resources to go along with the lesson plans, but the workbooks are fairly inexpensive. The lessons go through the 7 days of creation using the Bible to reinforce the concepts learned. One of the things I really liked about 106 Days is that you can find suggestions for nature study in the margins. I also liked that the books used presented new information in a story format which meant my child would retain the information.

For reading we used Happy Phonics. This phonics program makes use of games to teach the new phonics groups. This was great for my active child. She was able to learn the phonics groups while not feeling so much like she was just being drilled. There is some preparation needed before use as you will need to cut out the cards for the games, but it comes with everything needed including a lesson plan that gives ideas of how to present each group. We will actually continue to use the games for 2nd grade, as well as the lists for spelling.

We studied ancient Egypt for history, and used Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt to do so. This is another resource from Simply Charlotte Mason. The lesson books combine history, geography and Bible study, which I liked. Like the 106 Days of Creation lessons, other resources will need to be purchased, but once again the lesson books themselves are inexpensive.

Last in my list of favorites is the math curriculum we used. We chose Math Mammoth as I was hearing such good things about this curriculum. I like Math Mammoth because of the resources that come with the worksheets. You can access free assessment tests on the website as well as Youtube videos that give helpful tips on how to teach new concepts. Each chapter also includes links to games online. The website has links to reading lists for “living” math books. You can easily include other activities to demonstrate the concepts taught. Each grade level begins with a short review of concepts from the previous grade level before moving on. You can also find worksheets to supplement where your child is struggling.


This is my brief list of favorites. I hope it can prove helpful for someone looking for curriculum to use themselves. I would love to hear what other people have found helpful.


What are your thoughts?

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