Our Homeschool Motives

Everyone has different reasons for deciding to homeschool their children. Even one family’s reasons can be very diverse. I know until I started homeschooling, I never thought it was something I would consider. I had the idea that all home schooled children were wierd, unsocialized and ignorant of the world. I used to think that parents that tought their children at home were setting them up to be eaten alive in the “real” world. Until I started to homeschool Danger Girl, I never realized homeschoolers get to experience more of the real world than the students that are crammed into classrooms all day.

So why did I decide to homeschool and bring my family into the world of “nuts”? The simple answer is I did not want my child to be labeled ADD, but it goes a little deeper than that.

– I have a very active child. Even watching television is an athletic event for her. We had her in preschool, and we noticed that when we came to pick her up she was never in her seat. All the other children would be sitting in their seats eating their lunch, and danger Girl would be roaming around the tables. She would occasionally stop at her lunch to pick something up to carry with her in her wandering. The preschool teachers did not have a problem with this, but we knew once she got to public school it would become a problem.

This was when we first started talking about homeschool.

As I researched our options, I realized that another strong point for homeschool was that I would actually have a say in what my child learned. I would be able to make sure that Biblical principles were introduced. I would be able to present the Biblical account next to the worldly ideas rather than her just learning wordly teaching.

I also realized that being at home with my daughter would mean strengthining our family bond. She would be with her family for most of the day rather than random people, most of whom I did not know. We would have the opportunity to do fun and even mundane activities together. We would have time to converse with each other, and I would actually have the chance to know what my daughter thinks. I know this will be important when she becomes a teenager. Plus I am going to know my child’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else.

After prayer and discussion with my husband on all these points, plus other little things, we decided to join the ranks of the weird families with children unprepared for life. And I am finding that all my pre-conceived notions of this life were wrong. Thanks be to God that we chose to keep our daughter home.


What are your thoughts?

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