Overnight Success- Good Read

I just finished reading 279 Days to Overnight Success, a PDF booklet offered free from Chris Guillebeau. This is a follow up to a manifesto he wrote “A Brief Guide to World Domination” which can also be found on his site. The Overnight Success booklet is about how he made a success out of his blog in less than a year.

I like that he does not spend his time trying to sell you something. There are mentions of items he has for sale, but only as an example of how he began to monetize his blog. If you are serious about increasing your blog’s influence, this is an informative report of how it can be done.

I look forward to putting some of his ideas in play on my own blog to try out his method.

This book is well worth your $0 to read 🙂


If you are interested in buckling down on your blogging, I would also recommend signing up for Jeff Goins 12 week Intentional Blogging course.

I hope these resources can prove to be as useful to you as I have so far found them to be. Good luck.


What are your thoughts?

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