Homeschool Journal- The Week Before Vacation

In my life this week…

This week has been interesting. We went to a city council meeting to support some friends concerned about a noise ordinance issue. You can read a little about this in the second part of my post Let’s Change the Subject Shall We?. I have also been working more diligently on my writing, including some articles for my blog.

In our homeschool this week…

We are still on a break right now, though we have been reading from “Story of the World Volume 1” by Susan Wise Bauer. Danger Girl has also been reading on her own, and we have done work with measurements in the kitchen. Danger Girl has also been doing plenty of drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting (with play-dough) and illustrating stories.

I am inspired by…

God has been redirecting my homeschool path lately as I have been going to Him in prayer instead of just doing.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

My husband will be on vacation next week, so we plan to take Danger Girl to the water park. We will also have some friends from karate over this weekend as well as brunch with members of our congregation.

My favorite thing this week was…

A friend of mine came back to town after being gone for a month. I am glad she’s back!

Questions/ Thoughts I have…

My biggest question right now is how to motivate my child to do her chores. I have tried posting them on the refrigerator, I have taken away privileges, but I still have to remind her on a regular basis. What do other parents do to motivate their children?

Things I’m working on…

I am actively working on my book. I set a goal to be finished by the end of the year so I can start working on some of my other book ideas.

I’m reading…

Danger Girl and I just finished “Little Men” by Louisa May Alcott this week, so we will have to find a new book. As far as my own reading, I just started reading “How to Pray” by Elmer Towns, and I am continuing “School Education” from the Charlotte Mason series.

Picture to Share…


7 thoughts on “Homeschool Journal- The Week Before Vacation

  1. Oh, how’s Story of the World going? I have that coming from Rainbow Resource on Monday for next year. I’m hoping to find something that’ll “spark” the kids for World History! Do you use the activity book? I’ve got that coming too.

    All the best with figuring out how to motivate kids to do chores. Although my kids ARE helpful, they always need reminders for simple things that I feel they should know and do automatically (like put their dirty laundry in the hamper or a dirty cup in the sink or dishwasher.)

    1. Story of the World is going pretty well. I do not have the activity book, I just read the stories to my daughter. She seems to find them interesting. She always wants to discuss what we read afterwords and seems to have a good grasp on what was read to her. Good luck on getting that “spark”. You might also look at Simply Charlotte Mason ( for some of the world history resources there. We had a lot of luck with the Ancient Egypt study last year.

  2. The most effective way I found to get my kids to do chores was to tell them the consequences of not doing their chores in a certain amount of time –and to be very strong if they didn’t follow through. I’d find something I knew was important to them like going outside to play, going to a friend’s house, making a cake, or watching a show. Then I’d say, “If your bed isn’t made in the next hour you won’t be able to play at your friend’s house.” If the hour was up and the bed wasn’t made, I had to stick to my word even if the friend was having a birthday party or invited my child to go to a movie. You can’t give in to guilt!

    Giving more chores as a punishment only ensures that less will get done, and giving too many chores is a form of bullying our own children. Find the balance and your child will gladly do their part. Don’t forget to give occasional praise (“Your bed looks great!”) And once in a long while, give them a surprise because they did their chores for the month without complaint. Do not bribe them ahead of time –“If you clean your room for a month…” That isn’t the same as teaching responsibility –that’s reducing your power to having to buy cooperation from your child.

    As parents we often fail in not allowing our children to suffer the consequences of their actions. They have to learn that disobeying their parent (which is what they do when they refuse to do their chores) is not acceptable. We teach them to have integrity with their word when we make them accountable. If they say they’re going to do something, like make the bed before 10 a.m. on Saturday, then we need to agree that if it’s not done, there will be a consequence. (Always name the consequence ahead of time.)

    Chores are a way to teach children to learn to accept responsibility. If we don’t teach them while they’re young, we’re doing them a grave disservice because they’ll simply become irresponsible teens and adults.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I try not to give my daughter too many chores, although I will occasionally add more as I think she is ready for them (obviously not yet). We have implemented the rule that if she asks to have a friend over the answer will depend on the state of her room. We do have an allowance in place for her, but this is dependent on non room cleaning chores such as feeding the dogs and setting the table which she doesn’t have the same problem with. I do appreciate your comments.

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