Why Christians Should be More Like Homosexuals

Before you get angry about the title, hear me out. I want you to think of someone you know who is homosexual (I’m pretty sure most people know at least one person). Keep this person in mind as I explain why I think Christians would benefit from a lesson from the homosexual population.

Do you have your person in your mind? I want you to think back to the first time you met them. How long were you acquainted with this person before you knew they were homosexual? For most people, the answer is not long. Either in their actions or in their words, a homosexual person will usually let you know they identify with this group pretty early on. This is part of their identity and they are usually willing to share it. Notice I say usually. I know there are exceptions, but for the most part homosexuals are not ashamed to be. As Christians our identity is wrapped up in Christ, or is supposed to be. For proof, see I Corinthians 12: 12-14; Colossians 1: 21-23 and Colossians 3: 17. How often do we keep this part of ourselves hidden though? Many Christians will keep Christ to themselves when making new acquaintances for fear we might offend. Many of us are only willing to proclaim Christ while we are safely around other Christians. We might mention we are Christians in passing, hoping no one will question us further, but we don’t proudly display our identity like homosexuals do.

We should be willing to let all who meet us know, in word and deed that we are Christians. We should be so proud of our identity in the body of Christ that to not inform all whom we come in contact with of our status as Christian seems absurd. We should readily participate in PDC (public displays of Christianity) as easily as others participate in PDA. I don’t mean sound a gong each time you pray, but why be ashamed to pray at all? Why should you be ashamed to praise God for His blessings in mixed company? Why not bring your Bible with you to read in public as readily as you would any other book? Instead of hiding our Christian identity we should willingly embrace all that being a member of the Church involves (including the jeers you may receive).

Another way we should be more like homosexuals is in our desire to convert. Why is the homosexual population growing? It is because they actively take their message to the public. They share what they consider are the benefits of their lifestyle with people they meet. Most homosexuals are not ashamed of their beliefs, yet Christians will often sit timidly in a pew hoping that someone from the outside world will stumble upon the Church. We sit back and wait for someone to approach us rather than share our message with the world. We are so afraid of offending someone, so afraid of rejection that we let that possible risk outweigh the benefit of bringing a new soul to Christ. Instead of sitting back quiet and unobtrusive, we should get out there and take the chance to fulfill our calling. The book of Acts is filled with examples of Christians unashamedly teaching others the gospel of Christ. We should take that example. We should be just as forthcoming about the benefits of a Christian life as homosexuals are about the benefits of their lifestyle.

Just as homosexuals will band together against possible injustices to themselves, Christians should stick together. When we bring someone into the Church, we should not just abandon them to their own way. Instead we should continue to encourage them. We should be there for them when the world tries to tear them away from the Christian life. We should be there to remind them why they are a Christian. In the homosexual population the belief is if you have ever had an experience you are homosexual. Yet Christians will watch people fall away sometimes without a word. We should encourage each other to stick to the faith. If Christians were as vocal and involved in the Christian lifestyle as homosexuals are in their own, we would be stronger. Yes, we would probably endure more persecution than we do now, but Paul tells us to count all persecution for Christ as a blessing. Why not take the chance of persecution for such a worthy cause?


2 thoughts on “Why Christians Should be More Like Homosexuals

  1. Absolutely Marvelous!…I so, so, so, so, agree with you. Bill Winston said one time that if the homosexuals keep coming out of the closet, why can’t the believers. Great Post!

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