My Role In Life

I am a Christian, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a homemaker and a writer. These are my roles in my household and this is the order these roles should be performed. I say this because it is very easy to get these roles mixed up.

I often find myself trying to put my role as a writer or homemaker above all else, and when I do, I have to re-prioritize my life once again. Why is this the order my roles should take? To answer that I need to break my list down just a little.

1) Christian-

If I do not put my role as a Christian above all else, I will not be able to perform my other roles as I should. Doing this means going to God in prayer before I make decisions, or for help in strengthening my relationships. I need to spend time in scripture as well, so I can pass this knowledge on to my daughter. I should be teaching others about Christ or ministering to the needs of others so I can be an example to my daughter.

2) Mother & wife-

I put these two together because neither of these two roles is more important than the other one. I listed mother first only because I spend the majority of my day with my daughter. Being a good mother means that I provide for my child’s needs (not wants but needs). It also means being a good role-model for my daughter. She should be able to mimick my actions and know they will lead her down a fruitful path.

Being a good wife means I should make my home pleasant so my husband enjoys coming home. It means listening to my husband and accepting his decisions. It also means discussing decisions with him. Probably the hardest part of being a good wife for me though is allowing my husband time to be a good father. Because I spend my day with my child and get little time to spend with my husband, I sometimes want to monopolize his time. I have to remind myself that my husband and daughter need time to spend together just as much as I need time to spend with them.

These two are second because my relationship with my family comes before having a perfect home. They also come before homemaker because taking care of these relationships will help me be more invested in making a pleasant atmosphere for those I love.

3) Teacher-

Teacher goes with being a good mother, but in some ways I believe it is also separate. Being a teacher means encouraging a desire to learn in my child, but being a teacher can also be outside my home. This goes along with being a Christian as well because I should be teaching those I meet about Christ. Because teaching has multiple connections it deserves its own place. Teaching does not come before my other duties though. This role intermingles with all other ones.

4) Homemaker-

Being a homemaker, while I may sometimes try to make it more important than it is, is not the most important role I have. I need to make sure my house maintains order, and I need to make sure my home is pleasant to my family, but this is not my main focus. If it comes down to doing the second load of dishes or playing a game with my daughter, my daughter wins out. As long as I have a safe house and it is clean enough, I can let other priorities take precedence.

5) Writer-

This role comes last because it is a self-imposed role. Writing is something I choose to do. Yes I want to make a living with my writing, but this does not come before my duty to God and my family. I will make time almost every day to do some writing, but only after I have fulfilled other obligations.


I realize my priorities do not sound exciting. I don’t make adventure and excitement my top priorities, but I promise you there are plenty of adventures and excitement in our house daily. You want excitement, try convincing a seven year old to clean her room. You want adventure, play with same seven year old after reading to her. You will never need to leave your house again. 🙂

As unexciting as my life may sound, I know that it will be blessed if I maintain the order God has set my roles up in.


2 thoughts on “My Role In Life

  1. This is a very good read. It reminds me of a book I read once “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” and she touched on the very subjects that you mentioned. It is so important that we keep our “ducks” in a row when it comes to being who we are in God and in this world.

    1. I actually read that book a couple years ago. It is a good book, and one I would recommend. Thank you for reminding me of it, I think I may have to re-read the book.

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