My Favorite Danger Girl “isms”

On any given day, my child will say and do some crazy things (this is why I plan to write a book about it). These are some of my favorite quotes from the mouth of Danger Girl.

1) I will have my revenge on you!

(this is said any time she is asked told to do something she doesn’t want to do.

2) I give up!

(said anytime she is trying to describe one of her adventures, or new games, or ideas, and you just aren’t grasping the concept)

3) It is not every day you see a camel in his underwear.

(I don’t even know. She just started saying it)

4) I’m not the one who [insert bizarre comment here] ex. I’m not the one who’s wearing a tomato.

(this is pulled out on certain occasions when she isn’t winning an argument)

5) me- “What are you doing?”

DG- “writing books.”

me- “what kind og books?”

DG- “the kind you read.”

(gotta love the sarcasm in that girl)

6) I’m going to move to the backyard, and when you go to bed, I will sneak in and get food.

(at least she had a plan)

7) It is my life, my dream, my destiny!

(said when she is describing something he really wants to do or have)

8) If I find a house for $1 can I buy it and live by myself?

(keep dreaming kid)

9) The love of fairies continues

(this is a misquote of something she heard. The originial quote was “the love affair continues”)

10) I’m not a munchkin, I’m a goober.

(If you’re going to call her something you better get it right)


Of course I could also tell you about some of her big plans (maybe for another post). I think this gives you some idea of what life with Danger Girl can be like. Couple some of these sayings with finding a child bungi jumping off a top bunk, and you have Danger Girl; able to find disaster at any turn!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Danger Girl “isms”

  1. Penny,

    I’m taking a big chance on honestly sharing with you and I hope you accept this in the positive spirit for which it is intended. I think the quotes are cute but I’d be careful about the nickname of “Danger Girl.” Sometimes labels have a way of backfiring on us when we get older… A girlfriend is always calling her curious little one “the spawn of satan” right in front of her. My nephew was constantly called a “maniac” growing up. Guess what he became?

    Something with a more positive bent, like Bravery Girl, will have a more positive subconscious impact. I hope you aren’t offended –it’s not my intent to be critical, just to offer some insight from one parent to another. (I have 3 kids -all adults.)

    Sincerely, Carole

    1. I do not take offense to your comment, I do understand what you are saying, but Danger Girl is more a nickname I have for my daughter on my blog than anything else. I do write about her, but want to give her some annonimity. Thank you for sharing your concerns with me and I will discuss with my husband the possible need to be more careful with that nickname. I plan to let it stick on the blog however as this is how I have introduced her on here.

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