It’s Okay to Have an Opinion, as Long as it’s the Right One

I have seen several articles recently about Chik-fil-a. People I know are posting about how awful they are on Facebook. I have heard the president called a bigot (that’s the nicest name I’ve heard) in several instances. Why? Because he openly stated the company supports the biblical family unit.

This is a Christian owned company (hello they’re closed on Sundays, wasn’t that a clue), so is it really surprising that as a corporation they would hold Christian values? It is not like they are banning homosexuals from entering their establishment. All he said was that they are supportive of the biblical family unit. He also stated concern about our nation openly defying God’s definition of marriage. They are not discriminating against a certain group. Anyone is welcome to eat there as well as work there. If you don’t want to, fine, but they don’t have to quit being a Christian company because you don’t like their policies.

Chik-fil-a is a privately owned company with every right to operate as a Christian company. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do believe that people are entitled to their beliefs and opinions. If you do not agree with the corporate policy, then by all means boycott the company. Don’t eat there, don’t work there, that’s fine. You have every right to take these steps, and good for you for standing up for your beliefs, whether I agree with them or not. But how is it productive to throw foul language and insulting names at someone because they don’t believe the same way you do?

By the way, the word bigot means “a person with strong views who will not listen to the opinion of others”; just throwing that out there.

I actually agree with the underlying reasoning behind the president’s stance. They are a family owned company, an openly Christian run company. Mr. Cathy did not come out and issue a threat or a statement against homosexuals. His comment was a statement for family; that was it. If you really look at what he said, he is not taking a personal stance in the debate about same-sex marriage. His personal stance is for family, as God has instituted the family to be. I know, I know saying this now makes me a bigot, right? That’s okay; I can add it to the list.

This is just one example of an opinion being the wrong opinion. Did you know that I am an uneducated, back country white trash good for nothing (this on top of being a bigot for defending Dan Cathy)? According to feminist groups that about sums me up since I am not a feminist, I am a conservative, and I stick to certain Christian values (you know which issues I really mean). I may have a high enough GPA to get me into an honors group in college, but don’t let that fool you. I am just as stupid as can be. Oh, let’s not forget the fact that I am a stay-at-home-mom. That just dropped my intelligence even lower.

Being a conservative also apparently means I am dangerous. That’s right; believing in the founding documents, bad. Being a Christian just adds to that danger factor. I may pray for someone, it would be a travesty. Yes, I know, that’s a ridiculous comment, but seriously; the Bible teaches peace, yet my belief in this book makes me dangerous in the eyes of certain groups.

It boils down to I have the wrong opinions and belief system. My belief in the importance of God and family makes my opinion worthless in the eyes of many. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with my beliefs; just stop trying to shove your beliefs on me. If I disagree, accept it as willingly as I accept the fact that you disagree with me. Quit trying to force those who disagree with you to accept your position through policies and laws, or through name calling and foul language. You do not have more right to your opinion than I do to mine, accept that.


What are your thoughts?

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