Review- Surviving in America by Paul Andrulis


I recently had a chance to chat with Paul Andrulis, and during this chat I learned of his book Surviving in America: Under Siege, so I decided to check it out. I am not big into conspiracy theories or anything like that, though there are some interesting and amusing ones out there (masons trying to take over the world for instance). Still, the premise of this book was intriguing to me.

Paul took many of the conspiracy theories he hears about online, and decided to write a book about “what if”. What if America really became a military state? What if the government, in league with the U.N., really did start attacking it’s own people? In the introduction, he challenges you to see if you can recognize any of the conspiracy theories out there in his book.

It actually didn’t take me long to finish this book, partly because it is not extremely long, and partly because it managed to keep my interest fairly well as I read it. You are introduced to Joe in the very beginning, a man who keeps to himself for the most part. He has been a little outspoken about some governmental policies however, and this gets him put on a list. After an unpleasant visit from a captain in the military, Joe decides to spread the word about what is happening, and actively fight against it.

The plot was good, and Joe’s character was an easy one to like. Many of the other characters fell through for me though. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t as easy to connect to. I did see some gramatical errors, but not enough to detract from the story. The thing that kept me from loving this book was some of the background information. In places there would be an excerpt of how things had gotten to where they were, but since these excerpts were not connected to anyone, it felt a little disjointed. The information was necessary to move the story along, I just thought there might have been a better way to include it. That being said, I really did enjoy the book, and I would recommend it to anyone who can enjoy a good conspiracy theory story.


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