Update on Writing Goal

So, I decided I was going to try to finish my first (technically 2nd) draft of my book by the end of August so I can start editing. I have since then made some adjustments to my plan.

I have another woman I meet with regularly to discuss our book projects, and after telling her my plan she suggested that I spread this out to complete by the end of October. Her logic was that it gives me a little more time so I don’t get myself too stressed out and allows me to finish right before NaNoWriMo. If I do that I can take a month away from my book to work on one of my other projects before I go back to do editing.

Her logic made sense to me, so I think this is what I will do. This works out too because after making the decision to finish by the end of August, I ended up not getting nearly as much work done this last week as I wanted to.

So new plan, but still the same ultimate goal. What goals are you working towards?


What are your thoughts?

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