Not Back to School Hop- Classrooms

We don’t officially have a designated school room in our house. We have done school in the kitchen, the living room, my room, the dining room and outside at different times.

Unofficially though, the dining room is where most of the learning happens. All of Danger Girl’s books are either in the dining room or the hall right next to it.

(The bookshelf may look messy, but there actually is a method to the madness. The top 3 shelves hold curriculum materials and other helpful books and guides. The next two shelves are all books that Danger Girl can choose to read whenever she wants to. Many of the books on this shelf were given to us by family or are hand me downs from a teacher cleaning out their classroom)

(Some of our read-aloud books. More gifts and hand me downs with a few purchases I made last year)

All our other materials reside in different places around the room as well.

(Sewing machine + a baby shower gift I didn’t get to deliver because I ended up in the hospital on the day of the shower. I will eventually have to ship that thing)

(Another cabinet for homeschool materials, plus other misc things)

(Danger Girl’s craft corner. She has also put other things there that don’t necessarily belong)

The table in this room allows us to spread out a little more freely, so we take advantage of this; particularly since Danger Girl doesn’t do well sitting in one spot for too long.

Plus, we have the added bonus of being forced to clean it up so we can eat. This ensures that miscellaneous items do not get left out and lost.

I would love to have a more dedicated space for school time, but you do with what you have in small spaces. Besides Danger Girl has become pretty good at musical chairs during the day. What would she do with a designated sitting space?

So that’s a glimpse into our learning environment. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak 🙂

What does your learning space look like? Join in the fun at the Not Back to School Blog Hop to see how others have set up their classrooms (button in the sidebar).


3 thoughts on “Not Back to School Hop- Classrooms

  1. Just popping by from the NOT Back to School Blog Hop.

    Great use of space, and I love that creativity supplies are mixed in with everything else (I function that way too). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by at my little place on the web. There’s nothing like kids moving all over the house to learn! There’s method to my madness as well! 🙂

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