HMJ 8/31/12

  • In my life this week…

This week I have been making plans for Danger Girls upcoming birthday. She decided she wants to go to the zoo for her party, so we had to decide what would be the best day for this, who would be invited, what time we would go, and what to do as far as feeding the guests (I have no intention of buying expensive food at the zoo for her guests).

We also got Danger Girl’s new bed this week. It will have to wait until this weekend for daddy to set it up for her, but she is already excited. I will take pictures once we get it set up so you can see the excitement instead of just hearing about it.

The bed, not yet unpacked
  • In our homeschool this week…

This week has gone pretty well. We had one melt down day because I wouldn’t let her make a stream in the backyard. Yes that is the real reason. We had a discussion about the consequences if we have another episode like this, and she seems to be taking me at my word.

Danger Girl is keeping a field guide of her own for the birds we see around the yard, and so far we have seen a cardinal, a mourning dove, a sparrow (not exactly sure what kind) and a mocking bird. We have a small bird feeder on our front porch, so it was interesting to watch the mourning dove try to eat from it.

Imagine a Mourning Dove trying to sit on this

We are learning about wings right now, so Danger Girl did an activity to give her an idea of how the bird’s wings can work like a parachute, see below:

We also did plenty of reading. It is so awesome for me to see how much better she is doing. She is actually reading pretty well now. It is funny how we went from sounding words out to, one day out of the blue she was actually reading.

  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

This weekend we are going to pick up my step-daughter for a visit. I think there is also a plan to stop at our favorite Chinese food place in the area where she lives. We are all very excited about both. We didn’t get to see my step-daughters for most of the summer because of their vacation plans, so it will be nice to see her. We also decided not to eat out for the month of August, so that will be a big treat as well.

  • My favorite thing this week was…

Danger Girl and I played Clue this week along with her stuffed cheerleader dinosaur “Lil Angel”. That was a very interesting game. (I wish I had thought to take a picture to share. You will just have to imagine this one for yourself)

If we go get Chinese food though, that will become my favorite thing this week. Almost nothing beats good Chinese food.

  • What’s working/not working for us…

So far our schedule seems to be working pretty well for us. Thursday we did some reading from “Alice in Numberland” for math instead of our normal worksheets, and Danger Girl seemed to really enjoy that.

I think the game-day Friday is also working real well for us. Anytime Danger Girl can play a game she is happy.

  • Questions/thoughts I have…

I am learning that the internet can be a great friend to the homeschooling mom. There were a few books I did not purchase to go along with the curriculum we have this year, and I am learning to supplement with materials online.

My question is: what websites would others recommend for good history information?

  • Things I’m working on…

As I mentioned earlier, we are working on the upcoming birthday party. Luckily we have been saving up for this so I am prepared.

I am also working on a couple of interviews with authors for the blog, so hopefully you will see those soon.

  • I’m reading…

I finished “Cruel Harvest” this week. You can see the review here.

Now I am reading “Journey to Almighty” by Tina Klinesmith, as well as “Who is God” by David L. Jemison. And of course I am still working on “The Total Woman” by Marabel Morgan.

Danger Girl and I are currently reading “Searching for Dragons” from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, as well as “Alice in Wonderland”.

  • I’m grateful for…

I have a wonderful husband who gladly does what he can to take care of his family. I am very grateful for my husband!

  • I’m praying for…

My husband’s uncle died this week, so I am praying for the family. I am also praying for a couple of people who are having difficulty finding a job.

  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I stumbled across a new (to me) website with homeschool materials. It looks like it could be a great resource, so I thought I would share: Newbee Homeschooler.

Linkin Park- Breaking the Habit

(I couldn’t help it, I had to share another great song)


Have a great weekend!


One thought on “HMJ 8/31/12

  1. Happy birthday! A zoo birthday sounds wonderful! Do you know if you can bring a cooler into the park? We can do that here at a few places. It definitely saves on food costs….and is healthier and more convenient. Have a great visit with your step-daughter and enjoy that Chinese!

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