HMJ- The Birthday Week

  • In my life this week…

This week has been pretty busy. We had lunch with family on Sunday, which was an interesting experience. We ended up with more people than we expected, and my side of the family would have very little to do with my husbands. We expected that part though. I did get to meet my 3 month old nephew though, so that was cool.

I have been trying to get more organized around the house, which is difficult since my idea of clean and my family’s idea is two different things (I will be doing a post soon about being an OCD momma in a family full of clutter builders).

We had lots of errands to run this week as well. The cooler weather made that a lot easier though. I am not a big fan of hot.

Saturday is our zoo party, unless it rains. We do have a backup plan. Danger Girl wants to go to the museum if it is raining. That means Friday for me will be busy. I need to make her cake, confirm who is coming, put together lunch for everyone, etc. My niece will be spending the night with us too so she can come to the zoo (or museum).

  • In our homeschool this week…

This week Danger Girl began art classes. We have been doing some art history, but a friend of mine will be working with her more on that as well. She is a lot better than I am, and offered to teach my child, so of course I took her up on the offer. We had to wait until she finished a mural she has been working on, but now she is Danger Girl’s art teacher once a week.

Danger Girl loved the first class, so it looks like this will be a great addition to our schedule.

We have also added nutrition discussions to our schedule, so we shall see how that goes. Hopefully this will help some with the food battles Danger Girl and I have been having.

  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I’m not sure this qualifies, but I am learning (again) that if I want Danger Girl to be able to concentrate, I can’t make her sit through class. I don’t know what it is, but if she is sitting her brain shuts off. If I allow her to walk around or at least use her hands doing something else, she will focus so much better.

  • I am inspired by…

The cooler weather makes me more willing to get out, so I am inspired to get better about nature walks. I know I am probably a big baby, but when it is still 100 degrees in the evening, I don’t want to leave my home.

  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

As I already mentioned, this weekend we are going to the zoo (or the museum depending on the weather). Danger Girl is very excited. The only person I know of for sure who is coming is her cousin. We are waiting to hear about the other 3 children who were invited. It will depend on whether they are still sick or not.

  • My favorite thing this week was…

Cooler weather and rain were my favorites this week. Hopefully the cool weather will last and we won’t have to deal with extremely hot days anymore!

  • What’s working/not working for us…

The new art lessons seem to be working pretty well. At least Danger Girl is excited about it.

Danger Girl’s attitude also seems to have improved which makes me very happy. I really do not like spending my time fighting her.

  • I’m reading…

I am still working on the book “Who is God” by David Jemison. This book has been very hard to get through.

I am also finally reading “You Are A Writer (So start acting like one)” by Jeff Goins, and the “100 Days Prayer Journal” by Lori Ramsey.

Danger Girl and I are still reading “Treasure Island”, as well as “Dragon’s Breath” by E.D. Baker.

I read the book “Catch the Sun” by Lee Zamloch as well, and you can see the review, as well as enter for a chance to win a copy of this book here.

  • I’m cooking…

I will be making a chocolate cake for Danger Girl’s birthday party this evening.

Stew is also on the agenda, as my husband has requested it.

  • I’m grateful for…

I am grateful for having friends who are willing to help us with our homeschool journey. Particualry to the friend who is teaching art now!

  • I’m praying for…

My sister just had gallbladder surgery, so I am praying for her recovery. I am also praying for some strained relationships to work themselves out.

  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Danger Girl and mommy. She’s actually even taller than this now.


2 thoughts on “HMJ- The Birthday Week

  1. I’m like you re: the hot weather. With the cool weather now, I find I’m out and about more. Even my daughters enjoy spending more time outside playing, taking nature walks, etc.

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