Delightful Handwriting Review

I was recently asked by someone who had seen that we were using Delightful Handwriting in our homescool, what I thought of this curriculum. Since I sat down to write a review for this new reader, I decided I would go ahead and share my thoughts here for anyone else who might be interested in these materials.

Delightful Handwriting is a resource provided by Simply Charlotte Mason. This resource comes with a teachers manual and student copybook. Both of these resources are sold separately, but they are reasonably priced as either a printed version or an e-book download. The student copybook can be purchased either for the D’Nealian style or Zane Bloser, depending on how you want your student to learn.

The teacher’s manual starts out with words from Charlotte Mason’ writings on teaching handwriting, so if you have never read the Charlotte Mason series, this is a great resource for seeing exactly what she says on the matter. Each lesson is a short 15-20 minute lesson, and is spelled out for you in the manual. You can adapt the lessons to your needs however.

The lessons start out with children drawing the letters in sand or rice, and progress to them drawing the letters learned into their copybook. The copybook has examples of each letter drawn for the child to trace until they get used to the movement, then plenty of space for them to practice. As the lessons progress, the child goes from drawing uppercase then lowercase letters. Then the child moves on to writing words then copying passages. The teacher’s manual gives helpful hints in the margins for ways to adapt the lessons to your needs or encouragement. There is also space for you to make your own notes in these margins.

I purchased the copybook with D’Nealian style, and that was the problem we had in our house. My daughter did not feel comfortable with this style and because of this was fighting me on the use of the book. At the time we were struggling in another area of our homeschool, and because of this I let the handwriting drop until we could come back to it.

For my part as the parent, I like the way the manual is set up for lessons, and I like the room supplied in the copybook. If you have a child that does not do well with the details, I would recommend using the Zane Bloser writing style, which is what I should have done. Besides this detail, my daughter actually enjoyed some of the letter drawing activities that led up to using the copybook, and the use of repetition in method is always a good thing for children.

I would definitely recommend this material to anyone wanting to begin the writing skills process. I hope this review gives you a good idea of Delightful Handwriting materials. You can also go to the Simply Charlotte Mason website to download a free sample of the materials to help you decide if the materials would work for your family.


What are your thoughts?

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