HMJ- Back to School Again



  • In my life this week…

My friend contacted me at the last minute to see if danger Girl wanted to enter something in the county fair. When she called we had just run out of milk, so we had to come up with something that did not need milk and could be done in little more than an hour.

Danger Girl ended up entering bark candy, and she won first place in the candy division and reserve champion in the food division; very cool for her first time. She is already planning what she will enter next year.

  • In our homeschool this week…

Our first week back went very well. We managed to get through the week with no complaints. Hopefully this momentum will keep up.

I added more copy work and handwriting practice to the lesson plans. I also added more reading to the day so Danger Girl is getting more practice.

Our first week back was full of rain, so no nature walk this week, but we did observe our fish and discuss the different body parts of each.

We also got our other student back towards the end of this week. I have found plenty of busy work to keep her occupied while I do things with Danger Girl, and I think I am getting to a point where I can set Danger Girl up with something so I can work with Chatter Box.

  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

This week we are going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. We are going with a group from our congregation, and I am very excited. I’m not sure Danger Girl is as excited, but I hope she will enjoy our time anyway.

  • My favorite thing this week was…

I loved seeing Danger Girl get excited about getting to make something on her own. I also loved her face when she found out she won something.

  • My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

I think it would have to be the county fair. Kids always like winning right?

  • Things I’m working on…

Right now I am working on getting more nature walks in our day. I have not done as well as I had planned, and I really want to get better at this.

  • I’m cooking…

This week I made a chicken and rice stir-fry with a honey ginger sauce. It was very yummy. I also plan on making Shephard’s pie, which is one of my husband’s favorites.

  • I’m grateful for…

I am grateful for my husband’s knowledge. I can go to him with many questions I have concerning the Bible, and he answers me without making me feel as if I am stupid for having to ask. I’m grateful for that as well.

  • I’m praying for…

My mother-in-law and father-in-law are both sick right now. I am praying that they get better soon.

  • I rewarded my kids this week by…

Danger Girl’s reward for a good week was getting to go out to eat. She loves to and I don’t like to spend the money as often as she wants to go. It was a nice treat for her.

  • Something I am ogling or have my eye on…

I mostly have my eye on books. There are several living math books I am interested in for our home right now.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

G- Bark Candy

Danger Girl’s prize winnning bark candy


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