HMJ- Finding Dishes and Renewed Motivation


In My Life This Week:

This week I have been working on getting back into school myself. I was going to start back in the fall, but life happened and I wasn’t able to. My degree plan has been in psychology, but my husband is not as excited about this as I am which had some to do with the break.

Last week my friend came to me with the idea of us going back together and getting nursing degrees. She thought this would help both of us because she would be able to use the certifications she already has to go along with this degree and I could do something I am interested in that my husband would not scoff at. (When I first went back to school it was going to be in nursing, but then I switched to psychology soon after).

So now we are applying to schools together and plan to motivate each other through this. I got my applications in this week to the 3 schools we chose. Now I have to get my transcripts sent and wait to get accepted so I can apply to the nursing programs. Be praying for me during this please.

In Our Homeschool This Week:

This week we finished up with our reading in Flying Creatures. I decided we would go through and do the reading, then go back and work on the experiments, giving us the opportunity to review information this way. Next week we will begin doing the experiments and journaling. Danger Girl is very excited about getting started on the experiments.

We have also been working on handwriting, and Danger Girl is getting so much better with her writing. It helps that she has been more cooperative the past few weeks than she had been before we took our break.

I am trying to plan our next field trip right now. I am not sure what we will do, but it has been a while since we did a field trip, and I think it’s time to do something out of the house.

Something I Need Advice On:

Chatterbox has started back to school with us, but she comes very irregularly. Her parents send her over to do school with us hoping it will prepare her for starting school next year. Right now she will not be quiet during school, especially during reading, and they hope she will get better about this. My problem is that she doesn’t come regularly. Some weeks she will come every day, others she comes 2-3 days.

If she is not going to be here regularly, it makes it hard for me to plan and it makes it hard to work with her on this. My question is, should I insist on her coming more regularly so I can actually work with her like they want, or should I just leave it alone? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

My Favorite Thing This Week:

A couple of years ago, we went to Moody Gardens for vacation, and while there my souvenier was a coffee mug. A couple of months ago my mug dissapeared, but yesterday my husband found it in his car (he accumulates clutter very easily). I know it may sound silly, but I was very excited to find my personal coffee mug.

Danger Girl’s Favorite Thing This Week:

Danger Girl has not been able to go over to see Ma-Ma and Grandaddy recently because they have both been sick. This week they were finally both better, so she got to go over and have luch with Grandaddy. She was very excited about this because that has been their tradition for a while now.

I am Praying For:

Right now I am praying for God’s guidance as I look into going back to school. I want to make sure I do what He wants me to do.

I am Grateful For:

It looks like I am going to be able to get a couple of scholarships for school, which will help tremendously. I am grateful that we will get some financial help for this endeavor.

Something Funny to Share:

I saw an article on the internet about the zombie appocalypse. Apparently it is inevitable. I was telling my husband about this article, and I didn’t realize that Danger Girl heard anything about it.

Later as we were getting ready to go out, Danger Girl turned to me and asked “What’s going to happen in the zombie potluck?”

I hope that cracks you up as much as it did me!


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