Journey to the Charlotte Mason Approach Part II

Continuing with my previous post, I would like to continue to take you on my journey to the Charlotte Mason method. As I previously stated, my husband was not as much on board with the unschooling approach as I was. I needed a new plan, so I went back into research mode, armed with the knowledge that my husband desired structure (this is still funny to me). During this second round of research I stumbled across the book “Teaching the Trivium” by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, which led to my second method of choice, the classical approach.

This method offered the structures atmosphere my husband wanted, and was based on one of my favorite activities, reading. I figured I could place some activity, such as drawing or coloring, in front of Danger Girl as I read. That would keep her occupied enough to pay attention. In fact, the Bluedorns encouraged giving children hands on activities in the book.


More Info about Classical Education:

Memoria Press has an article about what the Classical Method is here

There is also information about the history of education at Classical Christian Homeschooling

You can also find Q & A’s and other articles about this method at Trivium Pursuit


As I read about the three stages of learning, I began to embrace the classical method as a viable option. I could read the classics to Danger Girl, and give her leave to play in the afternoon where, knowing her, she would incorporate these stories into her games.

(There is obviously more to the classical method than my brief review can do justice. If you would like to learn more, I would recommend reading “Teaching the  Trivium”)

Not wanting to make my decision on the basis of just one book, I decided to do a little more research on the classical method of teaching. I scoured the internet for articles or blogs. From these searches I learned the name Susan Wise Bauer and became interested in her books. The classical method did not offer as much of the freedom that had attracted me to unschooling, but I felt it would lend itself to some flexibility, and I could hopefully instill a love of reading in my topsy-turvy child. I was almost ready to go to my husband once again.



*** I would provide a link to find out more about Susan Wise Bauer, but for whatever reason, I cannot get the sites to come up. I do not want to provide a link to a site that will not open.***


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