My Journey to the Charlotte Mason Approach Part III

I have already explained what drew me towards unschooling and classical approaches, but that was only the gateway that led to our chosen path. As I continued my research, wanting to be more prepared when I went to my husband again, I came across an article (I have no idea where to find it now as I have had a computer crash since then)comparing the classical method with the Charlotte Mason approach.

This was the first time I had ever heard the name Charlotte Mason, and my interest was piqued. The name Susan Schaeffer Macauley was mentioned, so I decided to check out the book “For the Child’s Sake”. This intro into Charlotte Mason appealed to me, and I read more, eventually buying my own copy of the Charlotte Mason Series (You can currently get this in Kindle format for 0.99).

For More Info:

Simply Charlotte Mason – You can find basic info about the CM method, as well as a couple of free books to download for more info. There is also a free curriculum guide on this site.

Anbleside Online – You can read the Charlotte Mason series on this site, and there are also links to some articles from the Parent’s Review magazine.

Moments With Mother Culture – This is Karen Andreola’s blog. She is the author of “Pocketful of Pinecones”, which is a book I recommend for more info as well.

The idea of short (15-20 minute) intervals for each subject seemed great for Danger Girl. The focus on reading “living” books was equal to what I had seen in the classical method. What really sold me on CM though, was nature study. Regular time for Danger Girl to be outside coupled with the structure of the subjects was a great compromise for my husband and me, in my opinion.

I once again took my plans to my husband, a little less sure of myself this time, and presented the strength of this new method. This time we came to an agreement, so now we are in our second year of a Charlotte Mason education.


As I stated before, we do have some eclectic tendencies. I call our school a CM school, but I must admit I will sometimes let us follow “rabbit trails” so to speak when Danger Girl is particularly interested in something. As far as foreign language goes, I stick to the approach in “Teaching the Trivium”.


What are your thoughts?

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