A New Blog for Authors and Wannabe Authors

A wgile back I did a review of the book Surviving in America by Paul Andrulis. Today he contacted me to ask me to share his new blog with authors and would be authors.

The blog is a place where he is linking to all the free or inexpensive resources he has come across to help authors in their journey of self-publishing.

Independent Author Resources is Paul’s new blog. He already has some links up on the site and will be adding more as he gets them all together.

Why has he started this blog?

His explanation in his own words:

“I want to help prevent as many indies from making the same mistakes I have, and find the stuff it took me weeks to locate. Some of the free programs out there will thoroughly trash a file, for instance. I am not selling anything, nor do any of the sources that I link. This is literally free stuff.”


If you are looking to self-publish, then you should go take a look. The links to the different pages are towards the bottom. If he doesn’t have a link in one of the pages, he will soon, so this is a site you will probably want to visit frequently.


What are your thoughts?

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