Rebuttal: Parents Can Teach Their Children

I read an article today claiming that parents who homeschool their children are not qualified to teach them.


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The man who wrote this article, based on what he saw his wife go through to become a teacher, believes that homeschool parents can’t possibly be able to teach their children because they do not go through the same rigorous training and licensing that public school teachers endure. I agree that a lot goes into becoming a public school teacher. I do not think that means those who don’t go through the same process are uneducated themselves though.

Mr. Kardon seems to be under the assumption that homeschooling parents just wake up and randomly begin teaching. This is not the case. Most moms I have had the chance to interact with spend months deciding what type of curriculum to use. After this decision most parents will then go through the entire chosen curriculum to get acquainted with the material. No parent that I know goes into a teaching situation cold.

Parents who teach their children will make sure to stay ahead of their children in whatever materials are used. If they don’t know much about a particular subject, they will either make sure they learn it or find someone who does to help teach whatever the subject is to their children. For instance, I am not that great at art. I wish I was, but I have very little skill in this particular area. Since I know I am not good at this, I have a friend who is very talented in drawing, painting, etc. who will work with my daughter once a week.

Even if a parent has very little knowledge, there are so many resources out there to help guide them. You can buy curriculum that tells you exactly what to say if you feel you need that. I do not personally use this type of curriculum, but some probably do.

As to the idea that parents are unqualified, who is better at understanding the way their children learn than a parent? Who is more likely to go the extra effort to make sure their children succeed? If public schools are so great, as he proposes, then any person who has graduated from a public school should have all the knowledge needed to train their own children.

The article goes on to bring up the subject of socialization. What would an argument against homeschooling be without socialization, right? Apparently Mr. Kardon is forgetting the abundance of activities out there. Children have the opportunity to socialize at church, in sports, in music classes, or any one of the other activities available to children outside of a school setting. My daughter just recently got the opportunity to make friends in a pageant opportunity that presented itself.

I am a homeschool mom with an Associate’s degree. Despite my lack of training, my daughter is able to read and write. She does well in math. She loves science and history. She enjoys finding new places on a globe. She could give you a wealth of knowledge on Greek culture, as well as the customs of Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She can recite the Pledge of Allegiance by heart as well as large portions of the Bible. She can explain Latin grammar to you. She has a wealth of knowledge at 8 years old that I did not learn until middle school and high school. Maybe I am not qualified to teach my daughter in the eyes of Mr. Kardon, but I will let the results speak for themselves as she continues in her education.


(Also, if homeschooling parents are so unqualified to teach their children, why are colleges actively seeking homeschooled children, and why are homeschooled children excelling in so many areas?)


2 thoughts on “Rebuttal: Parents Can Teach Their Children

  1. Throughout most of human history the norm was for parents to teach their own children, just as other animals teach their own young. The idea that the state knows what is best for a child is just absurd.

  2. I was once one of those parents who believed that homeschooling could not be successfully done by parents. When my daughter was in 1st grade I had a change of heart and am now a dedicated homeschooler. I jokingly say that I have 975 reasons to homeschool, among the things on the list is the fact that I can make school what my daughter needs to get the best education possible. Good curriculum is a must, and supplemental subjects are important for a well rounded child (we supplement with, among other sites). The reality is I work harder at homeschooling my child than most public schools would work to educate MY child. As evidence that I prepare to teach my child, my math skills have blossomed, I know more about history than I ever learned in my public school education. My daughter has intelligent opinions about the world, politics, history, and life in general, and all without the pressures, bullying, and other negative issues of public school. I also know that my daughter is presented with more information in a homeschool year (we homeschool year round) than she would in a traditional school setting. Homeschooling might not be right for everyone, but it is a great choice and I am glad I have that choice.

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