Work From Home Interviews

Have you ever wanted to know what running a business out of your home is like?

Are you looking into different options, and want to see how other people made their decisions?

Are you just interested in hearing other people’s stories about their work from home experience?


If so, you may be interested in my upcoming feature. I will be interviewing people who are running a business from their home. This can be either a business they started all on their own, or direct sales for an existing company.

I will ask them questions about how they got started, and post it on the blog. If you have been looking into doing a business out of your home, this could be the motivation you need to get started.

I may even throw in a couple interviews with people who own a brick & mortar business just to get some different perspective.

My hope is that these interviews will help others either get ideas or get motivated to start their own business.

For now, the interviews will be written, but if all goes well, I may start doing some video interviews for those who are more visual.


So, if you are currently running a business from your home, and would like to share your story, let me know in the comments.

If you have specific questions you’ve wanted to ask, let me know those as well. I will see if I can fit them into the interviews.

My first interview will be up later this week, so look out for that.


What are your thoughts?

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