Indian Island- From My Daughter

Apparently the writing bug can affect a family, not just individuals.

My daughter has been very busy creating journals of different stories that she carries around with her wherever she goes. It’s a scene that feels very similar.

The difference is she wants to be a screenwriter while I want to write books. I’ve actually read a couple of her pieces, and I believe I would watch a movie she wrote, but then again I’m probably a little biased.


Danger Girl
My not so little anymore girl

So, why am I telling you this? Well there is the obvious, I am a proud momma, but I actually have another reason.

I was going through my files on the computer, and I came across a story she began to work on a couple years ago. She abandoned it (probably forgot where she had saved it), so I have a small snippet of this story just hanging out in the files. I had a vague memory of her telling me about this, so I opened it up and couldn’t help laughing.

I have to share because I wonder if anyone else can figure out where she was going with this.

So, without further ado, here is the surviving proof of a would be story my daughter has titled “Indian Island”:



            Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, well at least 20 years ago, there was a family that fancied themselves Indians. The father was determined to get his family back to their “roots”, so he moved them to a deserted island in the middle of a lake, whose name is not important for our story. It will suffice to know that the father renamed the body of water Lake of the Indians and he named his little island Indian Island. He moved his family into teepees on Indian Island , as did some of his friends who he somehow managed to convince of his delusions.

                Indian Island was a fairly spacious island, so each family (there were five families in total) managed to get their own areas pretty well secluded from each other. This made for a friendly atmosphere which allowed the families to continue happily without any need of questioning their convictions. Now I am sure you are wondering about these families, so I will take some time now to tell you more about them. Our first family includes Thomas who is our leader. Thomas is a fairly large man with orange-red hair. After naming the island and surrounding lake, he renamed himself Iron Will because he thought it made him sound more serious. He always wanted to be seen as serious, and therefore refused to ever smile.

                In his clan, he had his daughter Lola, another daughter named Jill and a son named Joe. His wife was rapidly declining in her early onset dementia, so she went along with whatever he said. She walked around using a cane because she had decided one day she needed it. Lola was a beautiful girl of 18 years old. She was tall and slender but with enough curves to make her womanly. She had long, curly red hair that she wore down at all times.


That is it, just this small introduction. Anyone want to take a guess where she was going with this?


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