English Grammar Boot Camp (A Resource)

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I just recently got introduced to the Great Courses programs. I’m wishing I had learned about them sooner. In particular, the one I would like to introduce you to now is English Grammar Boot Camp from Professor Ann Curzan and The Great Courses.

Whether you want to be a writer, or you want to work in another industry, grammar is essential to looking professional. How many times have you seen business writing full of grammatical errors? Even if you are not a grammar “Nazi”, seeing some of the mistakes out there can really make you cringe.

If you need help with your grammar, Professor Curzan breaks down what grammar rules she believes are essential, and explains them in detail. Even if you have grammar down, this is a great refresher for some of those rules that get pushed aside.

Professor Curzan’s enthusiasm for her topic comes through and really grabs your attention. I believe having someone be enthusiastic about what they teach is an important aspect to the learning process.

As a firm believer in continuing education, whether in a formal or informal setting, I want to introduce you to resources I believe will be useful to you. This is one of those I think you will want to check out.

English Grammar Boot Camp

Let me know what you think of the audio. Do you have any grammar resources you would recommend?


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