A Little Fun With Psychology

This will be a little break from my usual, but what can I say, I’m in a weird mood.


We have all heard about type A and type B personalities. In the long list of personality profiles, this is the most commonly known. There are all sorts of resources to determine what type you are and why it matters.

While I can’t answer why this matters, I want to share a fun way to determine what type you are. I am going to present you with a scenario, and two different attitudes towards that scenario. Whichever attitude you most associate with will be your (unofficial) determination for whether you are type A or B.

Are you ready?

Here is the scenario:

I am currently taking classes to further my degree. I was taking the midterm for one of my classes, and missed getting 100% by one question.

The problem: I know I got the missed question correct. I even went back to the book to check.

My husband’s reaction: What does it matter? You still got an A.

My reaction: It matters because I know I got the answer correct, and I deserve that extra point.

And since I have never introduced my husband:

Rob and I
Me with my husband


So, which reaction fits you? If you agree with me, you may just be type A; if you agree with my husband you might be type B.

Disclaimer* I am in no way a psychologist, counselor, therapist, etc. This is just meant to be fun. Please do not take this test seriously.


And, Just so everyone knows, my professor did change my grade and give me the 100% I earned.



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