The Bluebonnets- A Poem

Here recently we have lost many loved ones. It has been a hard couple of years for my family. Then, recently, I came across a poem I wrote many years ago about my first great loss- my mom. So, for anyone else going through the pain of loss, here is the remembrance of a 12 year old.


Standing in the bluebonnets,

looking so happy.

Her fragile body carrying her pain

her face hid it so well.

Going out with people she loves,

having a great time,

forgetting about the misery-

if only for a short while.


That beautiful smile we know so well

beaming with happiness.

Why couldn’t she always be like that?

Why did the pain have to take over?

That wonderful smile,

hidden by her sadness.

This lovely person-

taken over by misery

But, for just this second,

the joy shows again:

The perfect way to remember her.Mom


What are your thoughts?

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