Organization Recommendations

I recently posted about the importance of being organized. In the spirit of organization, I thought I would share some items that can help towards organization, even some you may not think of when thinking organization.

#1) A good notebook or journal

This particular notebook is one I personally have. This is a style from Cognitive Surplus. I am somewhat of a math nerd, so this design appealed to me, but they have several designs including a diagram of a heart (another style I have). Notebooks are great to have on hand to jot down ideas, notes, etc. You can get a wire notebook, but I have found having a sturdier notebook, or one that appeals to you, will help you better keep up with it.


#2) A good go-to cookbook:

One of the hardest things about our busier lifestyles is keeping up with how to feed our families. Having one or two good cookbooks will give you a head start to creating a meal plan. Being prepared on feeding your family will save quite a bit of time. “The Wellness Mama Cookbook” is one of my favorites. I cannot eat certain foods, so this cookbook gives me some great options for how to get around these issues. Even if you don’t have food allergies, you can find some fun recipes in this cookbook, or pick another favorite.


#3) We should always be looking to expand our knowledge:

Obviously, “How to Read a Book” is a great resource for anyone who finds themselves needing to do research, but this book is also helpful in expanding analytical thinking. This is just one example of continued learning. Find something to help you continue to improve. This is important to keeping our minds organized. If we stop learning, we stop strengthening our minds.

“The Well-Educated Mind” falls into that same category. This is a book that gives you examples of how to read some of the classics. One way to educate ourselves is to look back on some of the best writing from our past. Who knows, you may find a new favorite out there. Reading is a great way to help us relax while not turning us into zombies. It is important to take some time out and relax through your week.


This is just a small list of helpful resources. I’d love to hear what you think about my suggestions. Would you add anything in particular? Let me know in the comments.


(This post contains affiliate links. These are true recommendations based on my use however.)


What are your thoughts?

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