3 Cost Efficient Sources to Increase or Learn New Skills

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these companies. These are sources I have tried out for myself, and believe to be worth the time.)


Are you looking to change careers, or maybe just grow in your current career? Maybe you are trying to strike out on your own, and just want to increase your marketability.

In a recent post, I discussed continued education as a step to creating success for yourself. As promised in that post, I would like to share 3 of my favorite sources for skill strengthening.

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  1. Udemy

Udemy offers courses for almost anything you can think of.

For example: I am currently enrolled in nine courses, ranging from career enhancement to a JavaScript boot-camp.

Classes on Udemy range from free (such as the Internet Marketing Course I enrolled in), to $200, depending on who offers the class, and what the subject is.

Every class I have taken so far offers a certificate upon completion, which you can display on your website, on LinkedIn, or on social media. This is a great way to show off new and developing skills to prospective clients or employers.

  1. Coursera

This option allows you to audit some classes for free, but you will not receive any type of certification that way.

Coursera also offers certification tracts, where you can earn a professional certification in topics such as project management and entrepreneurship from accredited schools. The cost is between $700-$800 for a certification. There are payment options for some of these as well.

There are also degree tracts where you can earn a Masters in topics such as computer science or business administration. (This is the pricier of all the options, with degrees costing around $20,000). You can take individual classes that interest you from the degree programs for about $30 a class.

Some of these paid options have a free trial period so you can make sure the program is right for you.

  1. U.S. Career Institute

This final resource offers both certification and degree programs for a reasonable cost.


U.S. Career Institute offers several different certificate programs, ranging from healthcare, business, legal, wellness, and technology options.

These programs range from $700-$1000, depending on the topic, but they do offer payment plans.

I am currently enrolled in the bookkeeping certification program. They send you the materials electronically, and you do practice exercises throughout the books. After each section there is a quiz to ensure you understand the material.


They also offer Associate Degree programs, including Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources, and several others.

These programs range from $1500-$2000, with payment plans available.

U.S. Career Institute is an accredited online institution, so any degree you receive will be recognized.


If you are looking to improve your marketability in the workforce, check these options out to see what’s available!


Do you have other further education options you would recommend? Let me know in the comments.


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