Journaling With Purpose- Making the Leap

Are you working on setting new goals? Perhaps you want to get your creative momentum to get started on a new project. Or, you may need to create a plan of action for an upcoming event. You may even just want to chronicle the things happening around you.

Whatever project you are working on, Journaling for Entrepreneurs is a productive way to get you started. In a previous post, I discussed the usefulness of creating a writing schedule.

I would like to take you one step further, going from scheduling that writing time, to the process of writing.

Creating the Journal- DIY versus Purchased Journals

Online you can find many free and for-purchase journals for goal-setting, for creative writing prompts, for list-making, etc. While these are all useful tools, in my opinion, there is nothing like creating your own, pen-to-paper, journal (or journals) to keep up with your thoughts.

With a “home-made” journal(s), you can organize your thoughts and ideas more clearly.

Creating your own journal is inexpensive, and allows you to begin a creative process with how you set up your journal.

All you have to do is purchase however many notebooks you think you’ll need. This can be one if you want to keep everything together, or if you have multiple projects or needs, you can purchase different ones for different Journaling for Entrepreneurs needs. (Stores often have notebooks on sale for less than $1 a piece if you want to go the economical route.)


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This is where your creativity begins! With your own notebook, you can decorate it however you want, and make it fully your own. Not only can you decorate it, but you can organize it in whatever way best fits your needs.

Do you want to make different sections for different writing needs? Create yourself some tabs to organize your ideas.

Would you rather create different notebooks for different needs? Personalize each one, with pictures, motivational quotes, etc. that will give you inspiration as you work.

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If you are a more visual type person, you can add pictures along with your writing.

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Scheduling Time for Journaling for Entrepreneurs

Once you have your journal(s) personalized, it is important to find your “creative spot”, the place you will dedicate to your scheduled writing time. A place where you can think without interruption, and keep focused on your writing time.

Beginning the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process is as simple as that. Give yourself some motivation and get started.

Dedicate a time each day, or at least once a week, to the journaling process. Schedule at least 15 minutes for your Journaling for Entrepreneurs process, set up in your creative spot, and write.

Don’t over-think it. Just put down what comes to mind. If this idea scares you, pick a journal prompt, such as:

Or a creative prompt, such as the one I offer to my email subscribers.

You may not be able to get to your writing as scheduled each time, but do your best to do so. This will help establish the Journaling for Entrepreneurs method as a habit, helping you to process your creativity and generate new ideas.

Just a note:

For those who prefer using their computers, I am not saying you can’t create journals on your computer, I just think there is something to be said for the pen-to-paper style of writing to get the creative process started.


What types of journals would you create? Let me know in the comments.

Don’t forget, I have a 30-day writing prompt journal available for email subscribers. You can use it for motivation to start your own journal.


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