What is the Journey All About?

I call my blog a journey, and what better way to share the journey than to tell you the story and help you write your own. This is why I place such an importance on the journaling for entrepreneurs process. Every person taking a journey needs to keep a travel log to help them see where they have been and where they hope to go.

I encourage you to implement the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process to help you create that travel log. Take the time to write every day, encouraging your mind to seek new ideas and ways to use those ideas to create your own business success.

So what do I want to offer you?

I plan on sharing information and resources with you because every journey needs guide books. But, I want to bring the focus more to the story of the journey. This means instead of telling you, I’m going to show you.

This is not going to become a personal story blog, though I will be more open with sharing my personal story with you, but I want to share the journey of entrepreneurship with you. I want to share the story of where it has been and where it can lead.

I want to share the stories of others, the successes and the failures. I want to give you the picture of what it can look like, the good and the bad.

I want this to be a real journey; a traveler’s manifesto as it were. After all, I am a writer, and a writer is a story teller.

Basically, I want to share my Journaling for Entrepreneurs process to help you create your own journaling process.

So, to start, let me tell you a little bit more about who I am. I know I have a whole about page, but that gives you my bullet points. This is my mini version of the journaling for entrepreneurs process.

Who is Penny Layne?

Papparazzi 4

I have wanted to be a writer ever since I could remember. While I have had other interests along the way, writer has withstood the years.

  • I have explored the idea of being a chef because I like to cook.
  • I have looked into being a travel guide because it would give me the opportunity to explore different places, at least in theory.
  • I have toyed with being a psychologist, at least a researcher because the way the brain works fascinates me.
  • I sought knowledge of history because the stories of the past give us a picture of where we have come from (though I agree with Jane Austen that history could be made much more interesting as a study).

In all of these things, I was looking for experiences and understanding, and I think a writer is always looking for those things.

When I first discussed being a writer, I wanted to be a journalist, mostly because my mom had been a journalist and I wanted to be like her. While this is no longer the ultimate goal, I still have a little bit of the journalist spirit in me.

I want to know what and why. I want to understand what is before me in an unbiased manner, to dissect it and make sense of it.

I don’t just want to accept things because that is what others have accepted. I want to know the reason why I should accept it. If I can’t find a viable reason to do so, I want the leisure to reject it and move on.

This is how I interact with the world. I like to write because it gives me that leisure to play with different ideas and methods. It gives me the chance to dissect the thought processes of people and get an understanding of why, or at least mock if I can’t understand.

Writing gives me the opportunity to explore all the things that come into view to fascinate me.

What does this mean for you?

Since I am so interested in exploring new ideas and experiences, I want to share that research with you. I want to offer you the chance to benefit from my research and my exploration.

I want to share the interviews I do with people creating their own businesses and brands. I want to share knowledge and experience from the past through the legacy left behind by people I admire.

I want to share resources I come across, tips that can be helpful when adjusted to meet your circumstances, and sometimes even just fun ideas.

I want to share a little of my journey, but more than that I want to help you share yours.

I want to offer you the resources you need to create your own manifesto, to share your story with whoever you want to. And, I want to encourage you to be true to your story, to understand yourself so you can follow your own vision.

I want to share the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process, sharing the resources you need to get started for yourself.

If this sounds like a journey you’re interested in pursuing, then I encourage you to be active here, sharing your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment on an article that resonates with you, tell me your own ideas on that subject.

Also, subscribe to the newsletter so you can be kept up-to-date on new developments in the journey or new resources.


What are your thoughts?

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