Simple Journal Idea- The List Journal

Journal Idea for the Reluctant Writer

As hard as it is for me, as a writer, to understand, I am aware that some people do not enjoy the art of writing as much as I do. Those people may read my articles about Journaling for Entrepreneurs and become squeamish at the idea. That’s fine, not everyone has to be a writer. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process.

While I continue to maintain that keeping journals is a useful tool for business success, I realize that not everyone will want to write in depth. That is where list journals (also known sometimes as bullet journals) come in handy. You get the benefit of putting thought to paper without being daunted by the idea of writing lengthy paragraphs.

What is a List Journal?

It is exactly what it sounds like; writing out your ideas by making lists. It doesn’t require paragraphs to flesh out your ideas. A big part of the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process is about creating journal prompts for self discovery. This can still be done using the list journal, or bullet journal method.

This method could be used with almost any type of journal you want to create. Some list ideas for journals include:

  • Planning goals? List them out, using bullet points to separate ideas.
  • Creating an observation journal? Make a list of the observations you make.
  • You can use a list journal to record favorite quotes, keep up with books you want to read, brainstorm ideas, pretty much any way you want to record ideas or inspiration.

The process behind the journal is still the same, even when making lists. The point is to get your thoughts on paper for you to evaluate later or use for inspiration.

You can number the lists, use bullet points, leave spaces between, whatever way is easiest for you to separate individual thoughts. You can make your lists as simple or intricate as you want.

This is great for people who want to organize their ideas but shy away from a lot of writing.

List journals are also helpful for people who do like writing but need a more concise method or an outline for certain ideas.

What Types of List Journals Can I Create?

What are some of the popular lists to make for yourself?

  • Keeping up with books read and books you want to read
  • Creating goals
  • Recording inspiring quotes
  • Keeping up with ideas to create or expand your business
  • Track purchases
  • Plan events
  • To-do lists
  • Preparing talking points

And the list goes on and on. (Yes, the very bad pun was intended).

Also, if you want to get more creative in the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process, but the idea of creative free-writing scares you, you can make lists of different topics of interest.

Some examples include:

  • A list of up-and-coming technologies
  • My favorite….
  • A list of book titles that could have been meant for a different story
  • New topics I would like to explore

You get the idea. You can make a list of pretty much anything. The point of the Journaling for Entrepreneurs experience is to get ideas flowing and get your thoughts on paper.

Whatever you choose to do, make it your own.

Want to see versions of a writer’s way of making lists? Check out my list of Douglas Adams quotes on life. You can also check out my list of interesting business ideas.

For more help using the Journaling for Entrepreneurs process, you might want to join my Journaling for Entrepreneurs Facebook group. This is where I will be sharing more tips and tricks for using the process to increase your business success. This is also where you can ask any questions or share your own tips.

What topics would you make lists on? Let me know in the comments.


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