Author Interview- CD Tavenor


“Forty third time’s the charm, as they say.” The first sound.- C.D. Tavenor

Meet C.D. Tavenor

C.D. Tavenor is a science fiction and fantasy author based in Columbus, Ohio. He’s also the Director of Editorial Services for Two Doctors Media Collaborative.

Tavenor’s excited to tell stories that engage readers beyond a desire for entertainment, whether through philosophical inspiration or social inquiry. He’s a firm believer in connecting every piece of fiction to reality, whether through their themes or their settings.

CD Tavenor

You can check out some of his work on the First of Their Kind Amazon page.

Synthetic Intelligence. 

Thought impossible, but Dr. Wallace Theren has pushed the boundaries of computational science, creating an artificial mind capable of conscious thought. Naturally, his creation faces a harsh world bent on using it, exploiting it, or destroying it. If the first synthetic intelligence is to survive its early years, it’ll need friends, but more importantly, it’ll need a family.


And together, they’ll need to show their enemies they’re worth saving . . . or fearing.

When he’s not writing, Tavenor enjoys the more than occasional board game, his favorite being Eclipse.

What Inspired You to Start Writing?

Tavenor says he’s been writing since his earliest memories.

There’s terrible tiny stories from when I was five or six hidden deep within boxes at my parents house.

He credits his favorite science fiction and fantasy stories from his childhood as his writing inspiration. His favorites include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Narnia.

These stories “ inspired the child version of me to dream big and create worlds of my own.”

What is Your Goal as An Author?

“The dream is to write novels that inspire people to rethink their worldview.”

Tavenor wants his stories to entertain people while challenging them to think about important questions.

What Genres do You Write?

Tavenor challenges his readers with these challenging questions in the science fiction and fantasy realms. Since these were his childhood favorites, it’s no wonder that’s where his heart is.

 It’s the genres that allow the most freedom to explore the most profound philosophical questions.

He feels these genres allow you to put these questions out there in a way that makes them easier to present.

Through analogy and metaphor, you can shed light on the problems facing humanity in the real world. Science fiction and fantasy are excellent vehicles for theme, through both character arcs, secondary worlds, and technological / magical systems.

He has considered writing non-fiction at some point though.

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Tavenor’s book, First of Their Kind, was published through Two Doctor’s Media Collaborative. This is a company he founded with some friends.

First of Their Kind ebook final text 1 binary

He does understand the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and self-publishing though, and plans to publish using both methods during his writing career.

 I intend to diligently pursue both self-publishing and traditional publishing. I think they can go hand-in-hand.

What Advice Would You Give When it Comes to Publishing?

Tavenor advises writers to get their work edited before publishing it, no matter which option you choose.

 If you can’t afford an editor, find competent authors and trade works with them.

He also encourages writers to seek beta-readers to give critiques before sending your work off into the world.

 Do not send your work to agents before at least five other people have laid eyes on your work; do not click the self-publish button on Amazon until you’ve scoured that entire document to ensure it is the best it can be, preferably with the help of an editor.

What Does it Take to be a Writer?

Tavenor says the most important character trait an author can have is humility. Humility allows you to accept you can do better. It also allows you to accept help.

It’s necessary in all humans, but in writers more so, otherwise you won’t be able to accept the criticism of editors, other authors, or readers.

What is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Writing?

Tavenor thinks the most rewarding thing about writing is knowing you’ve reached someone with your work.

The moment you receive an anonymous review that applauds you for everything you hoped someone would gain from reading your story. That’s when you know you’ve succeeded.

If he reaches just one person, he feels like he’s done his job as a writer.

What’s the Most Challenging Aspect of Writing?

The hardest thing for Tavenor is to hold back when he receives criticism.

It is difficult to resist the urge to push back against criticism, whether from other authors or reviewers, that sound like they “just don’t get it.”

It’s hard to accept that not everyone is going to love what you put out there.

It’s important to remember that people have different tastes and perceive the world through different ways. What makes sense to me won’t make sense to everyone, and what makes sense to plenty of other people won’t make sense to me. Not everyone is going to like the stories I write, and that’s okay.

What Advice Would You Give to an Aspiring Writer?

Tavenor says the best thing a writer can do is accept they might have to start over.

Don’t be afraid to throw away a first draft and start from scratch.

While it’s hard to trash the work you’ve done, your job as a writer is to share your best work.

 I did that with First of Their Kind, and it was the best thing I could have done for the book. The final version is probably the seventh draft, with the first and second drafts being scrapped entirely.

Who is Your Favorite Author?

Tavenor claims NK Jemisin as his favorite author these days.

Right now, like many other people in this world, I’m on a big NK Jemisin kick. Every story I’ve read by her has blown me away.

More From C.D. Tavenor

If you need more from Tavenor after reading First of Their Kind, you can check out his short story, Legion of Mono. You can even read it free on Amazon. You can also check out Their Greatest Game by Tavenor. This is the sequel to First of Their Kind.

He’s also helped others publish their work through Two Doctors Media Collaborative. To see what this collaborative has to offer, check out Alligator Season by Tyler Hanson. This is also free to read.

And keep an eye out for Personnel, the first book in Tyler’s Faction series

Famous Last Words

My wife, Kim Tavenor (who everyone should follow on Twitter @kimmytavs, her tweets are on point) has been a fantastic support every step of the way. She’s supporting Two Doctors Media Collaborative through her artistic skills, designing our logo, creating book covers, and even created a fantastic book trailer for First of Their Kind!

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