Author Interview: Michael Sahno

Someone had asked him recently how old his kids were and, without thinking, he’d replied, “About three and a half marriages.”- Michael Sahno

Meet Michael Sahno

Born in Bristol, CT, Michael J. Sahno began writing stories at an early age. He obtained a Master of Arts in English from Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY at the age of 24, going on to become a full-time professional writer in 2001.

Michael Sahno

Since founding Sahno Publishing in 2015, he has gone on to achieve national and international recognition, gaining over 20,000 followers on Twitter and publishing and selling three novels both in the U.S. and abroad.

Sahno has ghostwritten books for entrepreneurs in the U.S., and continues to electrify audiences with his story and his natural gift for entertaining while informing. He is available for professional speaking engagements upon request.

You can find a list of Sahno’s published books on his Goodreads author page or on Amazon.

When Paul Panepinto finds out that his boss is stealing from their Tampa company’s 401(k) plan, he has to make a decision: try to stop the criminal at the risk of losing his own job, or keep his mouth shut and try to live with himself.

What Inspired You to Write?

Michael Sahno pulls his writing inspiration from some of the many books he’s read.

John Gardner, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Balzac, Faulkner, & F. Scott Fitzgerald.

These favorites created a writing obsession in him that started in the ’80s and lead him to write professionally since 2001.

What Are Your Goals as an Author?

Although Sahno makes his living as a professional writer, he’d like to focus on his novels. The dream is to work as a full-time novelist.

What Genres do You Write?

Sahno leans towards literary fiction, but he pulls elements from other genres at times.

 my WIP seems to incorporate some elements of speculative fiction and/or fantasy

Sahno says literary fiction speaks to him and he doesn’t plan to pursue any other genres.

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

Sahno created his own publishing company to publish his work. He has taken control of the full process, and managed to make his books available on many platforms.

My books are available in paperback via my website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, etc. Check out any of their websites and just type in S-A-H-N-O. The ebook versions are also available through iTunes, Kobo, etc.

He recommends indie publishing options so you maintain control of the whole process.

As a publisher, I pay the author (also me) the royalty for each sale. I also have complete creative control over the editing, cover and interior design, and so on. I would never publish with a traditional publisher unless I had final say on all such matters.

What’s Your Best Publishing Advice?

The best approach to publishing depends on what route you want to take. The approach is different for traditional and indie publishing.

Trad pub? Good luck. Have fun querying. Don’t get discouraged. Indies? You’re your own boss. Ready. Set. Go!

What Makes a Good Writer?

Persistence is just as important as talent to make it as an author. It takes time to get recognition, and you can’t give up.

Talent is great, but success is rare unless you just keep hammering away at all the barriers.

What do You Find Most Rewarding About Writing?

Sahno’s favorite part of writing is the feeling you get when you’re making progress on your work.

Being “in the zone” is comparable to runner’s high.

What do You Find Most Challenging?

Every author will face the challenges of sales and marketing. This is an aspect of the author’s life that requires a learning curve.

That’s why I created an ebook, Marketing for Authors, which is available free to anyone who joins my email newsletter list.

Any Other Advice for Aspiring Writers?

Writing is real work. Don’t plan to become a writer if you’re not prepared for the struggle.

Same advice a high school English teacher gave me: “You’d better learn to dig ditches.”

Who is Your Favorite Author?

Sahno’s current favorite author is William Styron.

Sophie’s Choice is a 20th century masterpiece.

Do You Have Any Projects You’re Working On Now?

Sahno has two free e-books available to people who sign up for his newsletter. You can get Marketing for Authors and a short story collection called Rides from Strangers. 

You can check out his previous and current projects on his website. He also posts updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Update: You can find his newest release, Whizzers on his website. This is a “Hot new release in metaphysical and visionary fiction” as described on Amazon where it’s number 9 on the list.


Famous Last Words

My motto, which apparently comes from the British: “Bash on regardless.”


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