Author Interview: Mandy Tremelling

“We were tightly bound, more so than I’d ever seen any other group. Even in the Haven. And we always held onto the promise that it wouldn’t change. No matter what happened, that was always our promise.”- Mandy Tremelling

Meet the Author

Mandy Tremelling can remember writing stories since she was in the third grade. She self-published her first two novellas under the name Rose Winters while in high school. During her junior year in high school, she received the inspiration for My World of Glass after her own struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

Mandy Tremlling

Her dream finally came true, and after 5 years she finally published that novel under her name. When she’s not writing she’s found watching Netflix, or working on her photography skills, or at her day job.

My World of Glass (2018), is a story of a young woman in the not so distant future who has suddenly found herself an orphan while she watches her childhood home burn. She falls into the state Work Force system for the lost, and the criminals. As she tries to navigate the torment of her situation she finds herself in situations she never expected to encounter.

From confusions of lies and betrayal, to pain at another’s hands, to dealing with her decaying mental health. When her world shatters into a million pieces she goes on the run to escape the law, but when it inevitably catches up, will she be able to abandon her new family?

What Inspired You to Write?

Mandy Tremelling has written stories since her earliest memories.

I used to write little one page stories until I was 9, then I remember writing my first chapter book about a secret unicorn.

Luckily, her mom encouraged her to continue, and helped her find the resources to hone her craft.

When I entered middle school, my mom encouraged me to join the Writer’s Ink club that met every Wednesday. Through that, I met so many wonderful authors and learned so many tricks and writing goals.

Thanks to her mom’s encouragement, and the connections she made with writing groups, she found her best outlet, NaNoWriMo.

They also introduced me to the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) competition, which has kept me going ever since then, even through my college degree and marriage.

What are Your Goals as an Author?

Mandy wants to inspire people with her words. She wants to give them a place where they can deal with their struggles and find comfort.

My dream as an author has always been to create worlds for readers which they can escape to. I want to show them they can change their lives with words, and if not, they can rely on these characters to help them through the hard times.

What are Your Favorite Genres to Write?

Mandy likes to stick with the YA and dystopian genres. She feels these genres work best to reach her goals. It’s also what she feels most comfortable with.

I’ve thought about moving onto broaden my horizons, but in truth this is the only genre I have finished stories in. When I try to branch out I lose steam. My current project is a YA fantasy novel and boy, is change tough!

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

Mandy went with self-publishing for her works, and she recommends this route to anyone who’s trying to publish. Why does she prefer self-publishing?

ease of financing, more control over all aspects (and I’m a control freak) and your own timetable. This has been all wonderful for me.

Her love of self-publishing doesn’t mean she sneers at authors who went the traditional route though.

 I greatly admire those people who traditionally publish! They are marvelous and incredibly patient and strong people.

What Makes Writing Rewarding to You?

Mandy enjoys the ability to connect with people through her writing, and to inspire her readers.

 The most rewarding part to me is hearing when a stranger decided to pick up my books and falls in love with them, or finds something in them to take away. That is why I keep writing.

What Challenges do You Face as an Author?

According to Mandy, the most challenging part of an author’s life is getting people to notice her work. She has to work hard to get her name and her work out there to the public.

 Part of independent publishing is doing your own marketing and sales. It is incredibly difficult to get your name out there if you don’t have a broad reach. And getting people to buy your books is equally as challenging.

What Advice do You Have for New Writers?

Mandy advises writers to start by getting the story out of you. You can worry about the rest once you release the words.

The thing I always tell those around me who are wanting to write, is you deserve to get your story out there. Even if you are just writing it for you, those words deserve to be released. If you are planning on publishing, all the more power to you.

She also encourages writers to persevere.

Don’t give up. Those words will reach the people they need to.

Which Author Has Inspired You?

Currently, my favorite author to read is Melina Marchetta. I have read her book On the Jellicoe Road so many times I’m afraid to count.

Why does she love Melina Marchetta so much?

She creates a world I love to escape to. It is so fun to me, and when I reread it I feel her characters welcome me home. This is absolutely how I want my readers to feel about my characters. It gives me hope that one day I might be as good a writer as Melina is.

What Books Do You Have Available?

my world of glass

You can find Mandy’s most recently published book, My World of Glass, on Amazon.

Her website includes information on her original Beyond the Unknown novellas as well as her current and ongoing projects.

Any Last Words to Share?

The thing I have learned most since publishing My World of Glass is communication and networking are key to getting out there. I wouldn’t be as confident or excited about my books as I am when I know I have reader friends who are interested in knowing what words I had to share with them.

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