Journaling for Entrepreneurs: Business Journaling Tips

Take a look at any successful entrepreneurs or freelancers and you’ll see some similarities between them. Successful businesses start with a plan:

  • Goals
  • A targeted message
  • A description of what success means

Successful businesses require research and observation skills:

  • Knowledge of target audiences
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Understanding your own value

Successful people also require creativity. You need to know how to think of possibilities, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

I may be biased as a writer, but I think Journaling for Entrepreneurs is a useful method to help develop these pillars of success.

What is Journaling for Entrepreneurs?

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Journaling can take many forms, depending on your needs. The basic premise of Journaling for Entrepreneurs is the same no matter what form you use however.

The idea is to take the time to consider your plans, discover new ideas, and strengthen creativity. I have written several helpful articles to help new journalers get started.

Planning Your Journaling

Creating a Regular Writing Schedule

Setting Up Your Journal(s)

Types of Journals for Entrepreneurs

You can divide the types of business journals into two categories. You have the planning journals that help you set goals and make plans. You also have the creativity journals that help you explore new ways to express your creativity.

Planning Journals

3 questions to ask yourself to get started

Ideas for goal journals

The list journal for non-writers

Observation journal to strengthen your research and observation skills

The 5-Step Business Journal to help you create your business plan

Creativity Journals

The quote journal to compile your favorite motivations

A compilation of creative journal ideas to consider

More Journaling Help

These journaling examples are all great ways to get started with Journaling for Entrepreneurs. If you want some prompts to help further, sign up for my newsletter to receive a free 30-day writing prompt journal.


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