Inspire Yourself: How to Create an Inspiration Journal

Inspiration is essential to success in our goals. Inspiration increases creativity, increases progress towards goals, and increases well-being.

Popular belief says we can’t control our inspiration, but research shows this isn’t true. This research says that preparation and effort prepare us for inspiration. How can you put in this needed effort though?

One good way to prepare yourself for inspiration is to start an inspiration journal. This can help you prepare yourself for inspiration and find an outlet to explore these inspirations.

What is an Inspiration Journal?

An inspiration journal is another opportunity in Journaling for Entrepreneurs. This type of journal is where you record the things that motivate you towards your goals.

An inspiration journal can take on many forms. Whether you write, draw, collect pictures, or a combination of methods, an inspiration journal helps you collect those things that inspire you to work on your projects and ideas.

To get in the creative mindset, you need to select the materials that will help inspiration flow.

Choosing Materials that Motivate You

Before you get started with the journaling process, you need to pick out the materials that will make you want to journal.

Pick out a notebook, journal, sketchbook, or whatever lets creativity flow. If it helps, create or decorate your notebook so it reflects who you are.

You also want to choose writing materials that feel comfortable and help your creativity. Markers, crayons, colored pencils, or if it feels more comfortable, pick out a pen that’s dedicated to your inspiration journal.

Planning Out Your Journal

The idea of an inspiration journal is to keep yourself motivated and let your creativity flow. This means you want to set up your journal in whatever way makes it easier to work.

You can use a blank space method where you write, draw, or paste whatever comes to mind. Or, you can create sections for different forms.

  • Poetry/ creative writing
  • Goals
  • Quotes
  • Diagrams

If you create sections, make sure you create an index in the front of your journal to keep things organized.

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Look for Inspiration

Once you have your journal set up, it’s time to look for the things that inspire you. This can be anything.

You can combine inspiration and quote journals. With this method you can use quotes to inspire your expressions. You can also use goals from your goal journal to inspire you to write or draw whatever helps motivate you to these goals.

You could write out your dreams or far-reaching goals. You can write or draw about happy memories. You can listen to favorite music or read a favorite book and write about the inspiration you draw from these materials.

Get creative with your inspiration. Remember, the journal is for your eyes only. Also remember, inspiration can hit anywhere so it’s a good idea to carry the journal with you or create a journaling schedule.

To get the most out of your inspiration journal, you want to make it a habit.

Reflect on Your Inspiration

An inspiration journal is about collecting motivation. This means it works best if you reflect on your inspiration.

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As you take time to record your inspiration, make time to reflect back on past recordings. Use it to look at your progress, or use it to re-inspire yourself or gain encouragement.

You can also use this time to re-evaluate your goals. Let the inspiration take you where it will.

Journaling for Entrepreneurs

an inspiration journal is one of many ways you can use journals to help you create and evaluate your business potential. Writing out your ideas and making time to use creativity can help you succeed as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Would you like more journaling ideas? Check out more info about business journaling.




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