Who is Penny Layne?


I am a freelance writer and virtual assistant.

I am also a mom and wife, a Christian, and an all-around nerd.  I love to learn new things, I love to do research,  I love to read, and I like to seek new ways to tackle problems. I also love to write, and what better way to combine my passions than write about my research and nerdy aspirations, right?

What is Penny Layne Writes? (the blog)

Penny Layne Writes is a journey, seeking knowledge and experience, and finding practical ways to apply that knowledge and experience.

As I go on the journey of researching and learning about what it takes to succeed in my goals, I would like to share this research with others seeking to change their lives.

The Journey

  1. Creating a business:

Whether you want to start your own business or find work-from-home side gigs, I want to help you make the most out of your opportunities. To help you along the way, I will share

  • Tips to improve your skills and process your goals
  • Resources to help you along the way
  • Interviews with people who are living the entrepreneur or work-from-home lifestyle

Anything I come across in my research that I believe will be helpful, I plan to share. If there is a particular topic you would like more information about, you can always use the contact form below to ask.

2. Journaling for the entrepreneur:

I firmly believe that regular journal writing can help you process your goals, determine your purpose, and generally help you understand yourself better.

If you are trying to create or increase the success of your business, journaling can help you work through the stages.

I will share how keeping a journal can help you, and the different types of journals you can create to keep track of your success.

I also offer 30 days worth of journal prompts free when you subscribe to the newsletter!

3. Becoming a writer:

While I am a freelance writer, I also enjoy writing fiction. I one day plan to publish some of my short stories, and I will be sharing the process with you. On the writing page, you can find:

  • Examples of some of my short stories
  • Resources and tips
  • Inspiration
  • Some of my more random writing that doesn’t fit the general theme of the site but might still be interesting.

I may also share some of my daughter’s story with you, as she is a writer as well.

4. Book reviews:

In my opinion (and many experts I should add), reading is essential to increasing knowledge. While opinions differ on the best type of works to read, I believe you can learn something from fiction as well as non-fiction.

For this reason, I will share reviews of books I have read. I will also share my favorite authors with you, in case you are interested.

If you are looking for inspiration, or just a good book to read in general, check out the reviews I have shared.

Note: If you are an author, and would like me to review your book, contact me with the form below. Keep in mind, I will be honest with any review I do, just as I would expect anyone else to do for me.

What You Can Expect

As I come across people succeeding in the entrepreneurial or work-at-home world, I will share interviews from them so we can see what works and what doesn’t.

I want to create a community of learning and sharing. I am a researcher at heart, and I want to share the knowledge I gather with you.

If you have questions you’ve been wanting to ask about creating your own business or working from home, you can fill out the contact form below, and I will look into getting you an answer.

If you have a question about a specific interview, leave a comment on the post.

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Contact Info:

If you would like to keep in touch, you can follow me at:


Twitter @PennysLayne1


Facebook @pennylaynewrites

You can also check out my profile on LinkedIn.

Be sure to subscribe to my email list to stay up to date with what’s coming up. You can also receive a free journal with one month of writing prompts for becoming a subscriber.

If you have questions, would like to contribute something, or would like to be featured in an interview, please use the contact form below.






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