WAH Spotlight:How to Become an Editor

What do you need to know to become a freelance editor. Find out... with advice from freelance editors making it work

Author Interview: A.H. Johnstone

 ‘My friend, if the story is written against you, what you need to do is—’ ‘Change the story?’ ‘I was thinking more like hunt down the author and gut him in front of his family, but your plan works too.'- Charon Unguarded Who is A.H. Johnstone? When not swinging an axe at Viking re-enactment events, … Continue reading Author Interview: A.H. Johnstone

Freelancers Guide: The Freelance Stats to Watch

1 in 3 Americans have done some form of freelance work in the last year. Freelance workers range from full-time freelancers, to side-gig workers that use freelance to supplement their finances. Is freelancing worth your time though? There are many pros and cons to freelance gigs. There are a couple of freelance stats that can … Continue reading Freelancers Guide: The Freelance Stats to Watch