Ingredients for Success- Organization

From all the research I have done, I have discovered a few "ingredients for success". I would like to share these ingredients with you. These ingredients will help you whether you are seeking to start your own business, or if you are looking to make yourself more valuable to a company you work for. Obviously … Continue reading Ingredients for Success- Organization


WAH Interview- Kimberlee Dobbs

Kimberlee Dobbs is a long-time friend of mine that stumbled into her home-based business. While seeking help for her bad days with Lupus, she was introduced to Plexus Worldwide. After trying out the products, and learning how much they helped her, she decided to become an ambassador for Plexus products.   Why did she decide … Continue reading WAH Interview- Kimberlee Dobbs

3 Questions to Ask Ourselves to Begin Discovering Who We Are

Why should we take the time to discover ourselves? Isn’t that just psychobabble language for wasting time and not acting? What exactly does it mean to discover ourselves anyway? The answers to these questions depend on what you are looking for. For our intents here, the answers to these questions will lead us to determining … Continue reading 3 Questions to Ask Ourselves to Begin Discovering Who We Are