Organization Recommendations

I recently posted about the importance of being organized. In the spirit of organization, I thought I would share some items that can help towards organization, even some you may not think of when thinking organization. #1) A good notebook or journal This particular notebook is one I personally have. This is a style from … Continue reading Organization Recommendations


A Little Fun With Psychology

This will be a little break from my usual, but what can I say, I'm in a weird mood.   We have all heard about type A and type B personalities. In the long list of personality profiles, this is the most commonly known. There are all sorts of resources to determine what type you … Continue reading A Little Fun With Psychology

Pageant Fun

I posted previously about the pageant Danger Girl participated in this summer. She had a great time, which she remembered after she got over not winning. Danger Girl actually enjoyed the pageant so much that she is participating in another one in a couple of weeks.   We have been spending some time practicing her … Continue reading Pageant Fun