Need Help With Workflow or Content Management?

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Let Penny Layne Writes partner with you and help you take care of those pesky organization needs so you can focus on the big picture, like growing your business.

Content Management Packages:

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Basic: Proofreading and editing content, content scheduling, and graphic or picture sourcing

Premium: This would include everything in the basic package plus research for sources and topics as well as limited posting on social media accounts.

Professional: This includes everything in the basic and premium package plus generating graphics, drafting content, topic generation, coordinating with guest writers, and increased social media management which would include comment moderation and generating and sourcing materials for social media accounts.

General Virtual Assistant Packages:

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Basic: Email and schedule management and some data entry as needed.

Premium: This includes all the services in the basic package plus general proofreading, drafting communications, and booking appointments.

Professional: This includes everything in the basic and premium packages plus travel arrangements, generating forms, preparing and/or editing presentations, and creating reports.

Other Services:

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Don’t need a package, or want to custom make a package to fit your needs? We can set up a consultation to determine the best way to do that. To set up a custom package for your business needs, you can choose from the services offered in the packages above as well as:

  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Research and summary reports
  • General customer service, answering customer questions
  • Creating and running ad campaigns on social media
  • Writing or updating online business profiles
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Managing newsletters


Wow! The activity on our SnS FB! Thank you! Lots of saved and another possible local author. You are doing a great job! I am truly grateful!- Holly Witte Owner of Sit n Sip Books


During the nine years I have known Penny, and the roughly two years I supervised her work at North Oak, I have known her to be a conscientious, respectful and diligent worker. It is my firm belief that she will continue to be an asset to any organization that is privileged to have her on their team. – Brian Reagan, former minister North Oak Church of Christ

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